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If you’re an executive or business owner facing the challenge of maintaining impetus while reinventing your organisation in full flight – or anticipate that you’ll need to move quickly in the near term – this thought-provoking and interactive series is aimed at you.

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Panel of thought leaders

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Alice van den Berg

Innovation Consultant, Netherlands

Prof. Andy Andrews

Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting; Visiting professor IESE Business School Barcelona, Spain, Former Dean and Director at Henley and Wits Business Schools

Chris Parker

Business Simplicity Coach,, Netherlands

Doug Eatwell

CX Insights Expert: Proponent of Smart Agility in Research Methods, Caldo Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Eli Goldstein

Managing Partner, Customaline, Johannesburg, South Africa

Helen Pentz

Team and Leadership Coach, Solfeggio, Johannesburg, South Africa

Herman Singh

CEO of Future Advisory, Johannesburg, South Africa

Martin Collinson

Consultant in Leadership, Cardiff, Wales UK

Matt Morasky

Partner, Head of Client Experience at Territory Global, Portland Oregon USA

Moira Vallet

Consultant in Continuing Emotional Development for Growth, South Africa

Dr. Ryk Croukamp

COO HF Dynamix, Cape Town, South Africa

Sonja Blignaut

Founder and CEO, MoreBeyond

Dr. Sonja Fourie

CEO Customer Science Lab (Pty) Ltd, Johannesburg, South Africa

Vera Kriel

Strategy and Business Advisor, 10th Dimension, South Africa