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Are you an executive or business owner :

. . . Facing the challenge of maintaining impetus while reinventing your organisation in full flight

. . . Anticipating that you’ll need to move quickly in the near term

. . . Seeking a forum to develop fresh, relevant ideas about your business


This thought-provoking and interactive series
is aimed at you.


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Objectives and Outcomes:


  • Test paradigms, create breakthrough thinking and develop your capabilities
  • Gain and share expertise and insights from peers and experts
  • Co-create usable frameworks, discern opportunity and develop your strategic plan
  • Position yourself for the next level post the pandemic and ongoing
  • Co-develop future-fit new leadership culture to sustain and grow your business

Develop fresh responses to vital business questions

thought provoking & Interactive


Five Episodes

Exclusive conversations in an online series of five interactive leadership episodes, to jointly explore critical issues in the new reality confronting us.

Fourteen experts

A PANEL OF EXPERTS to trigger and guide engaging conversations.

Time investment

5 x 90-minute video conferences

4 out-of-workshop group sessions

Tuesdays & Thursdays for 2.5 weeks, 16h30 – 18h00 CAT

Optional pre- and post-reading



1. Setting the context - Tuesday 2 June 2020

Herman Singh – Digital evolution in the age of a pandemic

Martin Collinson – What’s normal anyway?

Moira Vallet – Emotional self-awareness for effective leadership

2. Organisational Agility - Thursday 4 June 2020

Matt Morasky -From Lemons to Lemonade: Re-thinking Opportunity in Times of Change

Vera Kriel – The holistic view of the organisation

Andy Andrews – Strategy in Permanent White Water


3. Purposed for Action - Tuesday 9 June 2020

Alice van den Berg – New business models, and new perspectives

Sonja Fourie – Data – The new Currency

Eli Goldstein – Communication channels for alignment, collaboration and feedback

4. Execution - Thursday 11 June 2020

Chris Parker – Safely Self-Managing

Helen Pentz – Effective teams (and why change management is changing)

Ryk Crouwkamp – Re-igniting your employees post crisis

5. Bringing it together - Tuesday 16 June 2020

Martin Collinson – Agile Business Models and Cultural underpinning

Doug Eatwell – The impact of organizational culture on successful strategy implementation

Sonja Blignaut – Sensemaking in Complexity


Explore critical business issues in the new reality in